Why 90% Of YouTubers Fails To Make Money On YouTube In 2021

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Why YouTubers Fails To Make Money On YouTube? According to the survey, it has proved that 90% of people fails to make money on YouTube in 2021. It means if 100 people are starting channels then only 10 people are making money from it after a while or maybe even less depending upon their work style.

So if you have started uploading videos on YouTube or thinking of starting a YouTube channel then this blog post will help you with that. Here I will be sharing some of my personal tips that you can follow and avoid to get an exact path of success. So let’s have a look at everything one by one.

Why 90% Of YouTubers Fails To Make Money On YouTube In 2021

#1 Not Following Passion

It is true in most cases, if you don’t believe then start comparing some of the successful YouTuber or any social media influencers. Many people try to pick those categories in which money is more in less engagement which is never a good selection. Suppose you have an interest in cooking and you are starting a channel of gaming, I’m 1000% sure your channel will succeed.

So in the initial days follow your passion and when you start making money from it then start another channel in which you can make more money.

#2 Lack Of Patience

You see my friend let it be YouTube, Instagram, or any social platform it will take time to make money from it. If you are thinking you will start making money just after 2-3 months then you must not come to this platform. These online platforms need your patience if you are doing everything genuinely.

Most people don’t want to wait and they quit YouTube in just 2 months by saying it is just a waste of time. But for your kind information, there are many YouTube channels that got some achievements after working for around 2-3 years. There are some exceptions where some people got an instant results which is very rare.

Now you might ask me how much I have to wait to get success, I would say there is no fixed time. If you are doing everything well and good in the proper direction then will get success within 6-12 months. By chance, if any video went viral then it will boost the rest of the videos too. So minimum 1year effort and you will get a positive result.

#3 Wrong Niche Selection

This is the biggest mistake of almost every newbies, selection of the wrong niche. Suppose you created a tech channel and after 3-4 months started uploading gaming videos and after a few months started teaching children on YouTube and later started making comedy videos.

If you are just changing your channel category then you are never going to succeed because of continuously changing the niche. So choose one and stick to it.

#4 Consistency

Consistency is the key to success in the online world. When you sign up for any online platform there are some algorithms on which your account starts getting some reach. And consistency is one of those. In the initial days, we think that we will manage and upload videos regularly but they fail. I would suggest you make a fixed routine that I will upload 1/2/3 videos in a week and then continue. Otherwise, leave it.

#5 Sharing Videos To Irrelevant People

According to YouTube algorithms if your videos are not getting good engagement in comparison to view count then it is not going to promote your videos. So stop sharing to unwanted people and useless Facebook/WhatsApp groups where nobody is interested in watching your videos. If someone is opening the video but closing it instantly then Youtube bots will think it is not satisfactory content. I hope you got an idea of what I’m trying to explain.

In the end, I would like to conclude that focus your passion and keep providing quality content regularly, and don’t share with irrelevant people. I hope this would be useful for you to make your YouTube journey a bit easier.


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