What Is A Computer And Its Types? Everything you should know.

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What is Computer And Its Types? 

What Is A Computer And Its Types? Everything you should know.

What is a computer?

A Computer means an electronic machine that manipulates data and information. Computers can retrieve, store and process your data.

By accepting raw data in computer process as input or worked on it. with a set of programs or information to create results.

The computer performs mathematical and logical operations on the input to create the output. The output is not for temporary memory, you can also save it for future uses.

Computers can work on non-numerical as well as numerical calculations.

You can use many purposes of a computer system for example:- typing your emails, creating your documents, or internet browsing. You can easily edit videos or photos and much more.

Who first invented the computers?

Charles Babbage (1791-1871) invented the automatic computing engines for the first time. He tried to invent computers but did not succeed.

In 2002 at London, The first automatic computing engines by Babbage were completed. It was designed after 153 years.

Difference Engine No.2 consists of 8000 parts in respect of original drawings. It was 11 feet (3.35 m) long with a weight of 5 tons.

Let’s learn more about this extraordinary subject.

Hardware And Software

Before discussing the types of computer, here are two very important things which are common in every computer

  • Hardware
  • Software


Hardware can be classified as any part of your computer which has a Physical Structure. From all the external parts like the mouse or keyboard to all the internal parts like the mother.


Software is a collection of instructions that tells the hardware how to do and what to do about a particular work. Some software is word processors, games, web browsers.

Each action on the computer effect both hardware or software.

As we move forward on this article, we will see the different types and more other types of computers. Ask yourself the difference in their hardware and software from one to another type of computer.

What are the different types of computers?

Whenever most people listen to word computers they assume an image of a personal computer such as a laptop or desktop. But computers are not limited to the above two; they come in many sizes and shapes with many functions in our day-to-day life.

Types of computers include the use of a simple calculator to using the bank ATM for cash withdrawal.

Desktop computers

Nowadays there is no place where you talk about using or buying computers and desktop computers do not come into the discussion.

Desktop computers are used by many people at work, school, cyber cafés, grocery stores, s and at home. The desktop computer generally placed on a table. Specially designed computer tables or desktop tables are also available in the market. They are made by joining some different hardware parts like computer case, monitor, mouse, speaker, and keyboard, etc.

Laptop computers

You may be familiar with this second type of computer, the laptop computer.

The laptop computer is usually called a laptop.

Laptops are easy to carry or portable. You can carry it anywhere with your bag easily.

These types of computers are battery-powered computers.

Tablet computers

You might be aware of this tablet computer. It known Tablet

Obviously, they are not medical tablets for any diseases, this tablet computer is a wireless personal computer (PC).

Instead of using any external hardware like a mouse and keyboard, they offer a touch-sensitive screen for navigation and typing of text.

Tablets are handheld computers that mean they are more portable than a laptop and provide many features as same as laptops. A simple and popular example of a tablet is the iPad.

Servers Computer

Yes, a Server is also a type of computer. Whenever other workstation computers request information over the network, the server computer of another workstation connects to a network.

They tend to have more memory, storage, and processing power than a simple workstation.

To easily understand, suppose that when you are using the internet, your all search data stored in the server.

Do you know? Many organizations use local file servers to store and share it internally.

Other types of computers

today’s electronic items specialized computers, we don’t see them in that way. Let’s have some examples:


A smartphone can do a lot of things that a computer can do. You can browse the internet, play games, etc.


This term used as a general term for a group of devices.

Fitness Trackers smartwatches examples of wearables, they designed to work throughout the days.


Nowadays many televisions or TVs come with a number of apps.

These apps offer access to various types of online content.

You can watch online videos from the internet directly onto your Television.


In 1981, the original IBM PC was introduced. Other brands also started to create this type of computer and named them IBM PC compatible also called PCs.

In today’s generation, the PC is the most common type of computer used by many people.

Microsoft Windows operating system used in this PC to operate the system.


In 1984 introduced, The Macintosh computer.

The Graphical user interface(GUI) sold on this personal computer.

Apple manufacturers all the Macs available in today’s market. Almost all the macs use the Mac OS X operating system while manufacturing.

Future Of Computers

Modern computers will be everywhere in future homes, work, businesses, schools, grocery stores, and maybe wherever you can think of.

Do you know? Contemporary society has become that dependent on computers that whenever computers are down, almost all people are unable to function and become frustrated. This dependence shows that computers are essential for everything from Office/business work to entertainment.

In comparison to ancient computers, today’s computers are way better, speed, and price.

Where some computers are the size of a debit card, some computers need tables to place.

Some computers like notebook computers offer user portability which provides them the opportunity to work in a variety of places.

The system allows a wide range of connectivity,  unlimited information can be access like local, or wireless networks.

Future computers will provide users more control and more convenience over time.

In the future, computers tend to be even faster than today’s computers and smaller than a debit cards.


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