Smartwatch Buying Guide: Everything you need to know

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Smartwatch buying guide: Everything you need to know

Smartwatch buying guide: Everything you need to know

Before getting into this buying guide, let’s see some of the questions which may come to your mind while buying:

  • Maybe a question can be which smartwatch suits you best?
  • Which smartwatch should you consider buying?

Forgiving the above question answer I come with this buying guide which will help you to find the best smartwatch.

This smartwatch buying guide breaks down all of the factors from one to another for deciding the right smartwatch for you whether the Fitbit, Apple, or other top wearable makers.

In today’s market, there are plenty of brands that have smartwatches which offer apps, notification, time and more to your wrist whether they are big technology brands  (like  Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit) or traditional watchmakers(like a fossil, tag Heuer). All smartwatches are Excellent in their own right, but one size does not fit, all right?

Some upcoming models are popular so far like the Apple Watch 6 and Samsung Watch 3. 

Smartwatches design vary from one to another but they commonly help to save your time and keep a better focus on your health.

Some smartwatches come with built-in fitness metrics like GPS and heart rate sensors.

Some of the smartwatches work as an extension of your phone where others are marketed as health-focused devices.

Having specific fitness goals or wanting to be more productive is one of the good targets in your life, So if you’re shopping on a budget, here’s a smartwatch buying guide that helps you find your perfect watch according to your requirements. 

Some Important Tips In Smartwatch Buying Guide

Here’s a list of some important tips which you should consider before buying a smartwatch:

  • If you are concerned about your fitness, pick a watch with GPS and heart rate sensors to track your runs.
  • Make sure that the smartwatch you are choosing will support your smartphone.
  • To make you more understand the last point see this example: Apple watch can only be used with iPhone,  Samsung’s Tizen and Google’s Wear OS platform can be used with both smartphone or iPhone.
  • Select the apps according to your requirements but this is not as important as compatibility, design, and other features.
  • Easily Replacement of bands is necessary to make sure before buying that you will get bands easily.
  • The band’s clasp or buckle should be easy to use and easy to swap in your smartwatch.
  • Check for rated battery life before going shopping for it.
  • Hybrid smartwatches offer the longest battery life but don’t have touchscreens. This watch usually looks more like analog timepieces.

OS and phone compatibility

Device compatibility with your smartwatches is very important because most of the smartwatches are designed to associate with your smartphone.

For example, Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Samsung’s Tizen-powered Galaxy Watch can be used with multiple Android and iPhone handsets.

However, it is easier to use these watches with your Android device.

The Fitbit Versa 2 works well with both android and iPhone devices. Also, one extra feature to its users of Android phones is quick to reply to incoming text SMS.

Fossil, LG, Huawei-like smartwatches can be run in Google’s Wear OS.

These are considered to be most compatible with Android. However, some also work with iPhones with limited features.

As clear by the name, Apple Watch specially designed for iPhone users.

WatchOS App Store will be found in the pre-installed apple watch app for the iPhone. In that, you can install the app you desire or require iOS apps. Whether you want games, fitness tracking apps, or extensions of your most-used productivity apps. You can simply get Slack notifications in that.

In our recommendation, Don’t shop for a specific smartwatch until you know that it will work with your device.

OLED vs. LCD Display In Smartwatch

Most smartwatches use an AMOLED display or colorful LCD display. They let you view apps, photos, and other things in a richer and brighter color.

For slimmer designs, OLED displays are preferred instead of LCD displays but they are a little pricey.

the Galaxy Gear, in 2013 developed by Samsung OLED smartwatch and First generation Apple watch offers a first OLED display to make it smartwatch as thin as possible.

Touchscreen Or Touchless In Smartwatch Buying Guide

If you’re thinking of opting for a touchscreen on your smartwatch, you might have to think about the difficulty of selecting items on a smaller touch display and some gesture-based interfaces. Doesn’t it feel no-brainer?

Wear OS offer a feature to its users of card-based notification that you can easily dismiss with a swipe, but it is also not that good because there’s a lot of swiping to get to other apps or options within the apps and you can switch between cards with a flick of the wrist in which you wear smartwatch.

Design and Personalization

If you want to personalize your smartwatch according to your preferences, look for smartwatches that offer choices in straps, provide the ability to swipe them out for a third-party option. These kinds of options offered by many brands.

Even before buying your own smartwatch, you can customize it with plenty of customization options provided by most of today’s smartwatches brand.

For instance, you can choose the material, face color, and band color.

Don’t compromise with the comfort of your smartwatch on your wrist.

You would not definitely consider any smartwatches with cumbersome clasps that need so much force to open or close. Don’t be worry because most new watches use standard buckles. Thanks to standard buckles for most new watches.

Now, Many smartwatches are sporting round faces, for making them more traditional timepieces. New models are getting slimmer or smaller in size.

Traditional watchmakers are joining the fray by wearing android devices that combining the styling of an analog watch with the google smartwatch operating system. Tag Heuer, Movado, Emporio Armani, or even Louis Vuitton have jumped on the board bandwagon smartwatch with forwarding devices fashion (and match to price tags).

Selection of Apps 

Nowadays, few models have thousands of apps. In smartwatches, categories are involving day by day. Few brands have a good roster app.

For example apple watch, there’s watch app store apple watch installing those apps in the iOS.


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