Smart Glasses was launched by Razer Anzu

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There was a new smart glass was launched by the Razer Anzu Company for their customers in the market US, at an affordable price. This was described that the glasses have come with an open-ear audio glasses which helps to filter the blue light, for the reduction of the eyestrain from the screens of computer and other also. Smart Glasses was launched by Razer Anzu.

Smart Glasses was launched by Razer Anzu

The Razer Company has offered the customers these glasses in two different shapes and sizes, that is the round shape and the rectangle shape.

As well as their sizes, also differ. The glasses are very light in weight and it was very easy to carry them.

The rectangle shape was the model which was the lightest in both variants.


Razer Anzu Smart Glasses have come with in-built speakers with 16mm drivers in their temples, as well as they protect the customer’s eye with its advanced protection technology. This also said that the glasses have filter 35% of the blue light, which was very impressive. Along with these features, the Razer Anzu glasses have been bundles up with lenses that were replaceable.

Which offers protection to the users from ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Talking about the other optics the glasses have low latency audio from the Bluetooth connection of 60ms.

As well as it has a touch control also which helps the users to manage their calls and music.


The price of the new Razer Anzu smart glasses has come with an expected price of Rs. 14,600, this was available on Razer’s website in the country the US. This price was the same for the rectangle and round shape glasses for small/medium and large sizes.


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