OnePlus 9 Pro flagship smartphone passes all tests of the durability of JerryRig everything

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OnePlus 9 Pro test

OnePlus 9 Pro test has launched its new phone called OnePlus 9 which is scheduled on the upcoming or next-generation flagship lineup, this series I top-end device is the OnePlus 9 Pro.

During the announcement of the OnePlus 9 Pro, a video has been shared by Jerriig Everything performing a demonstration to test the phone’s durability.

And to protect the scratches of the OnePlus 9 Pro, the screen protector is pre-installed on the phone.

It has been tested that it has no effect on scratching from level 6,

but when it started scratching at level 7, it started forming deep grooves, which is quite standard.

But it does not affect even after scratching the screen at level 7 and it works without any problem during the sensor,

which are a surprise and this device comes with an optical in-display fingerprint sensor. But not quite surprising for the flagship device.

OnePlus 9 Pro with a metal build and buttons 

The OnePlus 9 Pro is very well built with a metal build and the buttons in this phone are made of beetle, during which the plastic device is more stable than the most body but still, the phone is rated IP68.

Which saves OnePlus 9 Pro in quite different ways like water and dust etc.

The device has a major attraction camera measure which the company has partnered with Hasselblad this time.

During this, there are four sensors with LED flash.

but it would be nice to see that nothing is affected in the phone by scratching the camera module.

All the final tests were done on the OnePlus 9 device to test the durability and strength. The OnePlus 9 Pro test smartphone was folded and tested to test it from both sides. This test is going to happen on this device, nothing happened to it even a crack did not occur.


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