Laptop Buying Guide: 4 Essential tips to know before you buy

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Topic: Laptop buying guide 4 essential tips to know before you buy

Laptop buying guide: 4 essential tips to know before you buy

Laptops are always in demand because you can carry your laptop anywhere with you.

Before shopping for your own laptop, must read this laptop buying guide and spend your money according to your perfect laptop needs.

The laptop can run many demanding applications irrelevant to its compact design.

Some best items also include Notebooks, you can work or play either at home or on the road or in a college classroom.

Although Tablets and smartphones are always popular, most people believe this fact from gaming or playing videos to type or make presentations for work better on a laptop.

Know the question is what type of laptop you should buy? In this Laptop buying guide, we put four essential tips to know before you go to buy your own laptop.

Laptops have a wide variety of features, sizes, and prices, which creates confusion to choose the best laptop.

That’s why it is important to know your needs for a laptop.

Important points to be noted in the Laptop buying guide: 4 essential tips to know before you buy

Before knowing the four essential tips, let’s first discuss some important things which everybody should consider before buying the best laptop

  • if you plan to take your laptop anywhere around with you, 9+ hours of battery life is ideal
  • Smaller model consider great for children and large screens work fine if you don’t travel much
  • 12.5 to 14- inch screens provide the best balance between portability and usability
  • If you have a desire to use your laptop as a tablet, try a 2-in-1 laptop whether a detachable or bend-back model. If not, a better choice would be a standard clamshell notebook
  • Windows 10 laptops offer plenty of functionality. Chromebooks are considered good for kids and it’s totally your taste which platform you prefer.

After well knowing these things now let’s discuss the four essential tips

1 Tip: Pick a platform (Windows 10 vs. Mac vs. Chrome OS?)

If you’re not familiar with PCs and Macs, which platform you should pick is not an easy question.

This quick summary of what strengths and weaknesses each offers will help you to choose the right one.

Windows 10

 This Windows 10 was launched in July 2015, since then they also added a number of improvements.

  • Windows 10 is the most flexible operating system used on more laptops than Chrome OS or macOS.
  • This window, Microsoft’s flagship operating system latest version, offers a number of improvements over Windows 7& 8.
  • They offer improvements in the Start menu with the Cortana digital assistant and Live Tiles, besides can switch between desktop and tablet modes.
  • Improvements also include the ability to use Cortana follow-up questions.

You can search your email using natural language and can use your stylus to scribble almost everywhere.

Besides they are the only machines gamers should consider, great for researchers, business users, and students of school and colleges.

Apple macOS

All Apple desktop operating systems come with MacBooks, overall this operating system offers the same functionality as Windows 10, but window 10 takes different types of interface.  

For Microsoft’s Start menu and taskbar, this interface substitutes an apps dock.

Mac users use Siri as an assistant instead of a Cortana Digital assistant.

For performing transactions, mac offers Apple pay.

Apple Watch is a famous product to unlock their laptops and text or call from their phone.

No MacBook product offers a touch screen, if you’re looking for a touch to be clear MacOS is not for touch.

In the market, there’s the latest operating system,macOS Big Sur, which brings iPad apps over to Mac.

This brings a huge improvement in Siri and Safari browsers.

Chrome OS

Google’s OS is secure and simple but has more limits than the other two(windows or macOS).

Samsung Chromebook3 is found as an inexpensive Chromebook.

If you’re mostly working is to surf the web, chat on social networks and check emails, Chromebooks are just for you because of their good battery life and highly portable features. 

Chromebooks are easily available at low prices and popular between the parents and schools because for kids it’s hard to infect with malware.

Go for at least 4GB of RAM and 16 GB  storage with 1920×1080 resolution, if you need a Chromebook.

Pay extra to get a 2-in-1 if you plan to use Android apps.

2 Tip: Decide If You Want a 2-in-1

Nowadays, Many laptops come in the category of 2-in-1 laptops.

Generally, there are two different styles 

  • Detachables laptops: these screens come off the keyboard entirely.
  • Flexible laptops: these laptops band Beck in 360 degrees to change mode.

These systems are much better at providing one purpose than the other and provide a superior user experience.

 3 Tip: Choose the Right Size

First, you need to see how portable you need your laptop to be, for this you should consider its display sizes 

  • 11 to 12 inches screens: the lightest and thinnest system
  • 13 to 14 inches screens: provide you balance between usability and portability
  • 15 to 16 inches screens:  most popular size if you want larger size screens.
  • 17 to 18 inches screens: If your laptop keeps on your desk all day, consider this screen.

4 Tip: Check that Keyboard and Touchpad

If you are planning to work a lot on your laptop, make sure your keyboard offers solid tactile feedback.

The Ideal distance between the keys is usually 1 to 2 mm, this is the distance when the key goes down on the press and there should also be enough space between the keys.

In the world, most impressive specs don’t mean diddly, if your chosen laptop is not considered to have good ergonomics.

Make sure for Precision touchpad drivers, if you’re shopping. for the windows laptop.

Jumpy cursor and inconsistently responding to multitouch gestures can be irritating, so do not forget to look for an accurate touchpad.

Some laptop’s keyboard design specially for business purposes, the feature is a pointing stick, also known as a nub, between the G and H keys. Nub key is used to navigate around the desktop without lifting your fingers off the keyboard home row.


In the end, with this discussion you understand some important points and the 4 tips which you should consider before buying. Now according to your needs and preferences, you can shop for the best laptop. 


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