How to Choose Right Printer in India 2021

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Topic: How to Choose Right Printer

How to Choose Right Printer in India 2021

Almost every one of us frequently must print out documents — they require in housing, clinics and on the job. And some of us love to publish photographs, placing them then on the family album. All this could be accomplished somewhere nearby, utilizing the services of a photo studio or another store of a similar kind. Nonetheless, it’s a lot more suitable to print in your home! If you’ve thought about it also, you are on your way to purchasing a printer! In the following guide, we will tell you about all of the nuances of choosing such a complex peripheral device.


If you thought that all printers operate on precisely the exact same principle, then you have long been very confused. There are 3 common kinds of these devices.

Inkjet printer

If you are really constrained in budget, we recommend considering buying an inkjet printer. These apparatus are printed with ink within the cartridges. Almost all inkjet printers are capable of colour printing. Any color is achieved by mixing colours, which explains why printing occurs by employing multiple cartridges. In cheap models, there are just four cartridges, while in photo printers that amount can reach six.

Pros: the not too high price tag of funding models; large print resolution.

Cons: the high cost of a pair of cartridges; low printing rate; when the printer is not on the computer for quite a very long time — the ink may dry out.

An equally common kind of these devices. However, budget models are only able to publish black-and-white documents. If you require color prints — you have to check towards versions, the cost of which is equivalent to a couple of tens of thousands of rubles. And even they use for blending just four colors, so you should forget about photo caccia. But purchasers of laser printers rejoice from the long resource of cartridges. Usually, they’re just required after 1,000 printed pages.

Cons: low print resolution; colour printing is only available in expensive versions.

As it is easy to imagine, such apparatus are published using the same ink as their ink counterparts. However, the arrangement of this ink is still different — they are a sort of briquette. Such printers are capable of round-the-clock printing, so they’re reliable. However they’re costly — there is no sense to buy such a monster home or perhaps a small office. Most often, these devices are purchased by various photo studios and huge offices.

Pros: excellent print quality; high reliability; high print speed; minimal printing price.

Disadvantages: quite large printer cost; large noise level; large sizes.


The easiest way to choose the kind of printer is to understand precisely where and for what purpose this device will be utilized. If the unit is set in a little office, probably, it will not be used to remove coloured prints. That is why in these rooms most frequently put black and white laser printer — it’s fairly cheap, and consumables have enough for quite a while.

For home use, you can purchase either a laser and a inkjet printer. Everything depends on whether you would like to use this type of device to print photographs. You also need to concentrate on the frequency of usage of the device. If you can easily not publish files for a month, it is better to search towards laser versions. In the inkjet in this period may synthesize the ink — at least the top layer. If the printer following such a long”sleep” and wakes up, then this process will be as debilitating as you can.

It should also be understood that you’ll have enough printer working together with sheets of newspaper format A4 at home. And somewhere in large enterprises, this might not be adequate. By way of instance, a printing company is required to have a device that displays prints on A3 sheets. However, this is no longer the topic of this article, as the owners of these ventures will not read it for certain.


All printers are mostly sharpened to get commands from the computer. But some versions have an LCD and many buttons on their board. Usually, and they get a slot to the memory card and wireless interfaces. All this allows you to print documents and photos without having a PC.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet

First, you will send the document to print even from a smartphone — it will need to enter a particular URL from the browser or use the app developed by the printer founders. Secondly, the apparatus can be connected to the router. In short, the printer’s direction is simplified — that the entire office will have the ability to use it, no matter how many computers in it is not also How to Choose Right Printer.

SD card slot

Possessing a memory card slot also makes it easier to work with a printer, but maybe not so much. At any time, you’ll be able to publish a document or image stored on an SD card. But you have to understand that the printer doesn’t know all formats. If you would like to place on paper the emblem stored in the format of TIFF, then you will have to use a computer.


From each other, printers differ in the speed of printing and also the time of the initial print (warm-up time). No device can start printing instantly by taking the first page within five minutes of receiving your command. Normally, heating takes much longer — up to half a minute in budget models or How to Choose Right Printer.

The printing speed is worth paying attention to if you’re likely to display a large number of files. And certainly, this option is important if using a printer at the office. Bear in mind that the device’s attributes write ideal numbers which are only achievable when published at low or medium resolution.


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