How to Choose Best Computer Monitor (Buying Guide) 2021

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Topic: Best Computer Monitor 2021

How to Choose Best Computer Monitor (Buying Guide) 2021
How to Choose Best Computer Monitor (Buying Guide) 2021

While choosing a monitor, you should not only consider the size and price.

For the average user, there are low-cost simple screens,

But besides that for Designers and Hardcore Gamers, there are High-end models also.

You will know everything in this article about monitors which you need to know for buying a good one according to your need.

Let’s start with the monitor types

Types Of Best Computer Monitor 2021

Our traditional era of monitor filled with those bulky white boxes,

Which settled all over your desk.

Those bulky white boxes are the Cathode ray tube(CRT), Monitor.

But over the last decade, CRT monitors have been replaced by Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors.

LCD monitors have a high picture quality with a higher or slimmer body.

But this doesn’t mean CRT monitors selling and usage totally finished, you can still buy this technology from Second-hand markets.

CRT monitors

A little advantage for you for buying CRT monitors is that they are provided at low prices, good for you if you’re shopping on a budget.

But disadvantages of CRT monitors like picture quality, weight, size, and power consumption can not compare with modern monitors.

Standard LCD / LED

In most types, the cost of these monitors rises or falls according to the image quality, refresh rate change, and resolution.

These consumer-grade monitors differ from 18 inches to approx 30 inches.

Standard LCD/ LED further divided into two categories


  • having a fast response time
  • The refresh rate is higher
  • Most commonly use
  • Least accurate color reproduction compared to others
  • Suitable for Average user and gamer.


  • Slightly slower response time than above-twisted nematic
  • More expensive
  • Less commonly use
  • Better color reproduction
  • Comes under mid-range standard monitors.

In-Plane Switching (IPS) 

These monitors come with many features like better contrast quality, darker blacks, better quality colour reproduction overall says a generally better image.

Let’s have a little comparison of IPS monitors with standard monitors

  • IPS Image quality doesn’t degrade as much as standard monitors
  • The response time of IPS is a little slower than standard monitors.

Do you know

In 2012 Samsung released PLS monitors which is their own version of the IPS monitor, Samsung claims it provides a better response time with a clearer, brighter picture at low prices.

While a few other companies like Philips, AOC also launched their own version of IPS monitors with improvements.

3D 120/144 Hz

With a requirement of the 3D compatible graphics card, monitors can be bought with an output of 2D and 3D images.

Size, Resolution, and Ratio Best Computer Monitor 2021

Size: Monitors are measured diagonally which generally classify in inches.

Larger monitors are helpful for complex programs because they provide more workspace with a lot of on-screen menus usually preferred by designers and gamers.

Besides, if you’re an average user use a monitor at least 21 inches.

Ratio: TV usually has a 16:9 widescreen.

Where CRT monitors used a 4:3 aspect Ratio,

A few manufacturers are launching 21:9 ratio curved and ultrawide monitors.

These monitors help users to work on multiple programs without having a second screen.

Regardless of its resolution, a poorly made monitor will always be a poorly made monitor.

Resolution is the number of picture elements also known as pixels which draw screen images.

Most modern monitors have the quality to display HD 720 pictures, This helps you to see the details.

Other important features of choosing the Best Computer Monitor 2021

  • Screen finish: glossy and matte the two type of screen finish
  • Connections: multiple input/output options
  • Refresh rate
  • Response rate/time
  • Pixel pitch: the distance between adjacent sets of red/blue/green dots that make up the screen
  • Pixel policy
  • fine-tuning controls
  • Speakers
  • Webcam
  • Most important warranty
  • 3D, not worthwhile for the average user.

How will you use it?

Once you will get in your head about the technical terms, you should trace which monitor will suit your regular requirement. Mostly, people fit in one of these three types of board categories which will help you to point out in the right direction.

Average users: they use it for daily basis activities like office work, watching movies, web surfing. But our recommendation to you sticks with the mid-range of monitor models which usually offer a sharpened sustainability picture.

You should look for a screen that’s size should be 23 inches with a minimum 60HZ refresh rate. 

Gamers:  for the gamers, you can get a high-quality screen on a mid-range with a low response time that can enhance the action games experience for fast-moving games with a high refresh rate.

If you are looking for top-end image quality, in this case, you can go for 120 to n144Hz. A response time will suit for offline games 5ms, but if you are a fan of online shooting games you should aim for 2ms or lower. TN monitors are better than VA or IPS screens for serious gamers because they monitor faster response timing.

Designers: if you are interested in Graphic designing or photo editing, you should look for PLS/IPS and 4K monitors.  Because these types of monitors offer you high-image quality with color reproduction which gives you more accurate color compared to LED/LCD types of screens. This trade-off slows response time, on the other side IPS/LPS improving the response timing,  these are still large on the slow side for professional or serious gamers.

Emerged Screen Sizes: A large type of monitor can be quite an alternative for small apartments of TV, university dorms, or bedrooms, for example, most of the monitors have multiple inputs of HDMI or Audio output, which allows connecting external sound systems or speakers and various devices.

Keep remind, these are general guidelines. By these points, you can find out the best monitor which suits your needs to test it in stores.

How to check image quality

The last point you need to do before laying down your money is to check the image quality. These steps will support you to separate the quality monitors from shoddy types of screens.

Sharpness/focus: you should consider the graphics or text at the screen corner compared to the same graphics or text in the center. For choosing a good monitor you should consider both sides center or corner.

Text sharpness: open a notepad and type a few lines. If the screen text appears blurred or shows a purple sign, green or red outlines (these types of color known as color fringing) it means the monitor isn’t good quality.

Brightness: Open in the monitor brightness settings. Display or monitors set to be maximum for bright in conditions of the store, which don’t reflect for home use.

Straightness: Check on the edges of the monitor particularly for any direction vertically or horizontally.

Ratios: If you view or draw a circle it should be a true circle, with equal diameter, this doesn’t matter which direction you are measuring the circle.

Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green should be pure colors, not dark or muddy or too bright tones it should be correct, without a green, a blue, or red tinge of them. Check the edge of the colors in the monitor screen as well on the center.

Glare: Few monitors are more susceptible to comparison than others,  this can occur when working under or outdoor bright lights. Viewing the monitor at a various angles will help you to determine how much impact at the glare can have.

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