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Topic: How to choose a computer

How to choose a computer
A group of all-in-one desktop computers, including a Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 520 27, Apple iMac 4K 21.5-inch and an Acer Aspire S 24 S24-880, taken on June 29, 2018. (Photo by Neil Godwin/T3 Magazine)

If your computer is so slow or you don’t have any computer, You need some quick tips for choosing the right computer for you.

Slow PCs can barely run Windows Solitaire. Good news for you is that it can never be late to buy a new computer.

Choosing the best computer according to your needs that fits in your budget may feel overwhelming, especially Geeky terminology and pushy salespeople may mislead you.

In this guide, we will discuss some important things needs to consider how to choose a best computer that’s just fits to your needs.

Laptop or desktop

Laptop also referred as notebook offer more portability than desktop computer.

Besides choosing a desktop computer for an upgrade to a large display, large size hard drive, better video card. Dell all-in-one computer or Apple iMac has a built-in display and in the desktop computer, you need to plug into a display for using it.

For choosing a laptop consider below points

  • Portability
  • Weight
  • Size

The bigger display your laptop will be the heavier your laptop will be.

Desktop computer are still consider better for graphic-intensive applications which includes computer gaming, video editing, or animation rendering.

Some other things to keep in mind for choosing between laptop or desktop

  • Upfront costs
  • Noise and cooling
  • Peripherals

Laptop tend to be compact that means laptop more likely to create more noise when the fans ramp up to keep the PC cool.

On the other side, desktops gets noisy on heavy load like video editing or gaming.

In desktops you can easily modify the cooling but not easy with laptops.Laptop contain less wiring than desktop.

How to choose a computer-Mac or Windows

Operating system is depends on your personal preference and experience.

Now let’s see which one is more ideal for you.

Firstly check which one offer your favorite programs.

Do you know? Mac computers are more expensive than Windows but they are little more secure.

Hacker seems less interested to make virus for MacOS PCs.

For gamers enjoy Windows PCs provide more robust gaming ecosystem.

Other than gamers MacOS and Windows both are very good in app ecosystem because there’s so many apps which is designed to accomplish a particular task.

Some of the software like parallels, Boot camp, VMWare Fusion etc can run the Windows operating system in today’s Mac computers.

You just need to decide which operating system suits you because you can do most of the tasks by both of the softwares.

Going Chromebook

In the era of common choices of Windows and Mac as a Operating system, new users gets a chance to choose a Chromebook.

Chromebooks proceedings in Chrome OS.

Chromebooks operating system designed lightweight for offer ultra portability in laptop.

Advantages of choosing a Chromebook.

  • Very easy to use
  • Affordable in budget
  • Ideal for casual users
  • Students can use it simply
  • Have compatibility with Android apps

Disadvantages of choosing Chromebooks

  • Limited power
  • Needs to depends on cloud storage for many things
  • Less Storage capacity
  • limits the capability to process more wanting software or applications without Chrome OS compatibility.

How to choose a computer-Power and performance

In any types of PC, performance is arguably the most important metrics, or the CPU is the heart of that.

You want at least very dual core CPU woth simultaneous hyperthreadi good / multithreading, bht a. Quad core will evrryday makes big difference to pc performance. AMD’s Ryzen 3CPUs are amazing in this respect and Intel Core i3.

If you have to necessary a bit more any kind of video editing or photo power or for playing the latest games, if you are planning to then ideally you have to go for a computer that six-core sports a processor such as an i7 or i5 or an Ryzen 7 or AMD Ryzen 5.

For more detail information for buying CPU, check out our gyidrs on how to CPU choose.

When it comes to memory of system, or RAM, you wants to maing sure you have enough, and not too much more.

Capacity of 16GB to 8GB is the sweet spot for most of the users, in this include heavy gamers; 32GB or beyond is only really recommend if you are doinf a lots of heavy video edits, and will much depends on the particular software you wanna to use.

A graphic card csn nr the most expensive part in the PC or it’s necessary if you are looking for in future playing games.If you are, buy a GPU that fitd your budget and needs.


The sizes of hard drives ( or Solid state drives) determines how many programs and files you canfjt on it before the running out of space.

Chrome book where cloud storage is a big gesture, a computer bat least 500GB of space os besy starting point. Of you have alot of gamrs or movies that pu wannma store, then you will wants to consider secondary drives with a two of additional space with a terabyte.

Today, most of the computers har at least songle SSD, or splid states drive, for storage SSDs are much faster than older HDDs (hard disk droves woth mocinf or magnetic parts). Ehich simple mean is your best boot drive on a bootz with traditional hard drives besy suited as storage of additional space and droves of secondary.

if you are really concerned abput out running of space on your drives, don’t be.

There are so meaning options to expand your storage for others a desktop or laptops with an inexpensive external hard drive with an inexpensive external hard drive or even cloud storage.

Wi fi or bluetooth

If you are shopping for a laptops, cances are it will have wireless integrated networking features.

This simple means you can log on to the internet at broadband speeds when in wi fi network of range, be it at work, school, home or one of many thousands “hotspots” all around the world. Including hotels, airport lounges, cafes and so on.

The latest laptops have 802.11ax (wi-fi 6) technology which offers speed boost 30% to 60% lber the 802.11ac older technology (WiFi 5) technology and it’s safer bet if you wanna prepare for the future devices.

Build your own computer

If you are feeling bored and need some fun and adventure,One other option which is always open to you is built your own computer accordance to your style and preference.

These days so many guides available on internet where you can learn about that and can simply buy all the parts you will need.

Keep in mind the above points while How to choose a computer or buying a new computer.


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