How to Grow Dead YouTube Channel in 2021?

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How to Grow Dead YouTube Channel: If you are on YouTube and regularly uploading videos on it and getting good engagement along with earning, and suddenly one day your earning as well as viewership starts decreasing. I know how it feels to you.

So in this article, we will talk everything about what mistakes you must avoid so that you don’t face such kinds of issues in the future or if your channel has already lost its engagement then how can you boost it again.

You might have noticed that there are many YouTube channels that have millions of subscribers but the view count on their videos are hardly 1K which is a very big problem at this time. So let’s have a look at everything you need to avoid to keep growing your channel.

Mixed Content

#1 Mixed Content

This is the most common mistake done by almost every newbie YouTuber uploading mixed content. Suppose one day you are uploading a tech video, the next day a game video, and the next day you uploaded a food recipe video.

If you are doing this for so long I guarantee that your channel never grows and on the opposite, if you have gained some subscribers then you will even lose them too.

Not Changing Content According To Audience

#2 Not Changing Content According To Audience

In India when the Jio was launched with 4G net people were very much excited in knowing about the latest news of Jio and at that time many people got millions of subscribers and made a lot of money.

But by the time they didn’t change their content and now the time has come that people are not much interested in knowing about the Jio news anymore. So it is confirmed that you are not going to get any view.

So the lesson is if you are still working on old ideas and providing 10years old tips and tricks then my suggestion is to slowly shift your content according to the audience and continue with the latest information. As latest things will give you more audience and subscribers.

Inconsistency (How to Grow Dead YouTube Channel?)

#3 Inconsistency

This is the fact that if you are not consistent on YouTube you are going to lose your audience and even YouTube algorithms will give you no value. Suppose in starting you are uploading 1 video daily but after a few months, you started uploading 1 video in a week/month. It is a bad practice and a channel needs to be updated with fresh content on its regular timing.

This happens mainly with small creators but if you are very popular such as Carry Minati, BB Ki Vines, Harsh Beniwal, then there is no issue because they have a huge fanbase and the audience keeps on searching for their latest videos.

These are some of the major tips to avoid protecting the channel from being counted as a dead channel. Here I want to share a tip for those who upload mixed content. Mixed content doesn’t mean it will always harm you but sometimes it also gives you a great benefit.

This happens only when the category is the same but topics are different. Suppose you are in tech then and making Unboxing, YouTube Tips Tricks, Android Tricks then it all comes under a similar topic and in this situation, this will always give you benefit.

How to Grow Dead YouTube Channel?

The simplest trick to boost a dead channel is to change the content according to users’ demands. Suppose before you are doing app reviews but at present nobody is interested in watching it. Try to change the content according to the present audience and within a month or two you will find positive growth in the engagement.

Pro Tip: Just focus on quality, not on quantity! you can take the example of Creative Pavan Live. For more social media tricks stay tuned with Techyshala.


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