5 Tricks To Get 100+ Active Subscribers Daily On New YouTube Channel

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If you are also not getting subscribers even after creating lots of quality videos, then this article will help you to gain at least 100+ active subscribers daily. But if you are putting extra effort then it may help you to gain up to 1000 subscribers in a day.

Here I will be sharing the top 5 tricks that many Popular channels followed in their initial stage to gain a good amount of audiences in less time. So let us have a look at each of them one by one.

Get 100+ Active Subscribers Daily On New YouTube Channel

#1 Click To Subscribe Link

Yes, you can create link on which if someone is clicking then your channel will be automatically subscribed. Sounds good, then have a look how it can be done.

Step 1: Copy your channel URL
Step 2: Add ?sub_confirmation=1 at the end of your channel URL
This is how your URL will look like https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1xpcp4qnTwHpNeaY5QPBEQ?sub_confirmation=1
Step 3: Now put this URL on your social media/website/description or anywhere you want

Now if anyone is clicking on this link this it will directly ask them to subscribe to your channel. The link will become very large so you can make it short with the help of any link shortner.

#2 Giveaway

Giveaways are one of the best things that you can do to grab a maximum number of audiences in less time period. This practice is done by most of the top creators almost every month and I’m sure they are getting a huge audience. So you can also try to do some small giveaways, but make sure you are doing it genuinely not that you only say about giveaways and don’t announce the prizes.

#3 Ask Viewers To Subscribe

You see there are a few people who forgot to like/subscribe while watching the video because the video is awesome. So you can ask them to subscribe and like videos so that they get a reminder that they should subscribe to your channel for more content like this.

Suppose if you don’t want to speak then you can add some Subscribe animation on the screen in the middle of the video. It will help them to notice about subscribing to the channel.

#4 Provide Quality

Consider yourself what you see first before subscribing to a channel, the quality of the video, or the type of content you like. So you have to focus on the quality of the content so that if anyone watching your video must subscribe to your channel by seeing the quality of your content.

#5 Help Audiences

Last but not least and this is the strongest trick that is going to help you. Helping Audiences means not just creating videos you have to engage with them and build connections via comment. To make a wider audience base you can also go to the top creator of your category and help those who are seeking a solution.

If you are helping the audience of other top creators then there is a chance that those people can check your channel too and if they liked your content they will subscribe for sure.

These are some of the pro tips to get active subscribers on the news channels. If this article is useful for you then make sure to share it with all those people who want to grow their channel and for more social media tricks you can bookmark this page.


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