Best Fitness Tracker Buying Guide India 2021

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Best Fitness Tracker Buying Guide India 2021

Best Fitness Tracker Buying Guide India 2021

You can use a fitness tracker tool for measuring and monitoring your physical day-to-day activities.

So a quick questions for you to consider before buying a fitness tracker, 

  • What are your fitness goals?
  • Are you trying to jump-start a lapsed fitness routine?
  • an exercise regimen Fine-tune?
  • triathlon training?

Fitness trackers are available in different prices in markets that range from simple to sophisticated.

This buying guide will help you to choose the best fitness tracker which will fit your budget, lifestyle, fashion sense and help you to achieve your specific goals.

If you’re thinking that you will purchase a fitness tracker and get fit, you are very wrong here because a fitness tracker is like your Gym membership: you’ll get benefits only if you are using it.

How Does Fitness Trackers Works

Best Fitness Tracker Buying Guide India 2021

They usually sync or connect with your mobile devices or computer/ laptop wirelessly to store the day-to-day physical activities.

The tracker may monitor activities like the number of steps walked, sleeping hours, your skin temperature, your heart rate, and your perspiration level.

To measure steps and other side-to-side, up-down, and front-to-back movements, an accelerometer is used by most fitness trackers.

Some Additional sensors:

  • GPS: for tracking your location.
  • Heart rate monitor: Your pulses keep monitoring whether you are doing exercise or any other work, it works throughout the day.
  • Magnetometer: It works to find out the specific directions in which direction you are moving in. 
  • Gyroscope: It is used to find out the work you are doing for instance sitting, swimming, cycling, standing, walking, running, etc.
  • Barometer: This sensor is used to calculate the number of stairs you climbed in the morning to reach your workplace. In short, it determines all of your altitudes.

Some fitness trackers can be sync with external heart monitors, smart bathroom scales, and other devices that provide more precise readings.

If you will be paired with the companion software or Android apps, the tracker provides you insight into habits by which you would make up your lifestyle.

Besides the models of fitness trackers which track all about your activities, there are other models too offered by many brands named as a smartwatch.

Smartwatches are usually used to check for alerts for all your incoming calls, SMS, and provide instant messages and email. 

Not only this, they will give you motivational support in the guise of badges, daily challenges, interaction with your all online friends, and an alarm alert when it’s time to wake up and go. In addition, they also share your data remotely with your doctor.

Fitness Trackers Or Smartwatches

Firstly, let’s see about Fitness Trackers that are designed to accommodate a range of requirements. If you don’t have so many expectations with your desired fitness tracker so opt for a basic model, they simply provide you with how many steps you’re walking each day.

If you go for something more advanced than a basic model, here’s a list of some features they may provide you:

  • The speed associated with your steps
  • Your average heart rate
  • Your sleeping routine
  • The stride of your steps
  • The pace of steps you take
  • Waterproof or splash proof

Some of the specific models can even offer you data captured specifically to the routines. The routine of the people who generally include swimmers, skiers, weight lifters, golfers and marathon runners, etc.

If you are really into both productivity and fitness, go for a device that offers more in the way of these features, but they usually tend to be more expensive than a simple or some features one.

Here’s a list of things monitor by fitness trackers:

  1. Steps walk
  2. Exercise duration
  3. Heart rate monitor
  4. Sleep duration
  5. Actives minutes

Features to Consider Before Choosing A Fitness Tracker

Here are some of the features you can choose based on your requirements.


Nowadays fitness tracker manufacturers are more conscious of style and look, unlike past models where they only focus on functions.

Trackers are designed in different ways, some can be worn on the wrist, some can be worn as pendants or some can be clipped to your clothing.

Everybody wants to look attractive and feel comfortable, you should choose a greater variety of materials, shapes, and colors in which you feel comfortable. 

Display items

By using numbers, words, and symbols, advanced trackers reveal the data on the display.

Others share information through a LED light display or only through an app.

If you sync the data onto your Android phone or computer, the fitness tracker’s companion app archives the information and also helps you interpret and analyze it.

Check the preview of the fitness tracker’s companion app on Google Play or in the Apple App Store, so that it matches your expectations.

Compatibility Of Devices

Before buying, check that it is working with your phone, computer, or laptop. 

Some Tracker works with Apple’s iOS, some tracker can not work with Windows and others only work with Android. 


Don’t come to the conclusion that fitness trackers are 100% accurate because they only give results on the basis of sensors and algorithms to parse punches thrown, stairs climbed, footsteps and hours slept. It simply implies that there’s some degree of imprecision.

Function-specific devices will help you to find hard data.

Heart rate monitors that are in-device sensors applied to your wrist transmit info to your activity tracker are less precise than the one that straps on your chest.

Battery Or Charging 

Battery life can be from one day to several months; it all depends on the sophistication of the tracker.

An armada of sensors and a color touchscreen features trackers that need to be charged more frequently than one which has a few LED lights on its front with a plain band.

Some of the fitness trackers also run on coin cell batteries. You can opt for a chargeable or battery one according to your desire.

Waterproof Or Not 

It is important to know whether you are buying a waterproof fitness tracker or not because some brands make their tracker splash-proof or some can be used in a shower too.

This point is important to consider how frequently you encounter water while performing your workout? Or are you planning to wear your tracker in the pool? Or do you wear it indoors or outdoors?

After considering all points, find out your requirements and priority and according to them choose the best fitness tracker for yourself.


In the end, in this “Best Fitness Tracker Buying Guide India 2021” we discussed what the fitness tracker is and what are some key features they provide, and what things they track and give you insight about that.

And we also see which are the things which you should consider before purchasing your own fitness tracker, with this buying guide choose the best fitness tracker according to your requirements.


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