10 best Educational Apps for Android!

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10 best Educational Apps for Android!

In today’s era, Smartphone technology is not only one of the most demanding things but always comes as a revolutionary productivity tool.
If you have a smartphone, you can take help of it to teach yourself or your kids new things and can learn new skills.
Nowadays, There are a wide variety of apps available on the Google PlayStore in your Android device for educational content.
From learning basic math to learning a new language or whatever you can think of can be learned through apps.
Here’s the list of some best educational institutions apps for Android device

  • EdX
  • Udemy
  • Khan Academy
  • YouTube
  • Google Play Books
  • MyScript Calculator 2
  • Socratic by Google
  • Quizlet
  • WolframAlpha
  • SoloLearn


EdX is a very unique educational app.

Instead of providing courses from professionals, EdX provides courses from colleges.

However, you would not get any legitimate college degree from them.

They provide the number of different courses for example:

  • Computer engineering
  • Computer programming
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Statistics
  • Nutrition and thousand of others.

EdX educates on App by features online or offline video lectures. Not only this but they also give course announcements and handouts, and various tutorials.
This app can be accessed free and you can also get a certificate of the same at reasonable prices.


Udemy offers best Educational Apps for Android OR courses on mobile apps. Some courses are free and some charge amounts vary from course to course.
Do you know? Udemy has over 32000 courses in total which include from science to cooking.
Some examples of courses Udemy offers are entrepreneurship, design, business, health and fitness, music, marketing, photography, and learning software.
All the courses have different ratings in terms of quality some are too fantastic and some are not with so good ratings.
This app carries most of the same features as the official website as well.

Khan Academy

This is another educational platform. They offer many different courses and classes to general people for free of cost.
Khan Academy currently has more than 10,000 instructional classes, videos and other content.
Khan academy is famous for typical education for instance economic, mathematics, science, history, etc similar courses.
Not only this but they also have specific apps designed for kids. In that there’s specially a younger kids version.
Try that also it will help you in a lot of ways.


Most of you are already aware of YouTube. It can be used for free and you can also pay some charges to switch on premium features like removing ads.
YouTube is one of the best educational and entertainment apps.
You can take YouTube as a great secondary learning source because you can find tutorials for learning new things and skills.
Some channels use this app to promote their skills or programmes besides some channels have videos in course style.
On YouTube you can learn a new language, solve a math problem, find some videos related to your academic syllabus or even learn to cook or dance and many more things which you can think of.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books has become so popular for books since it first came out. There’s cost vary from book to book or some are available at free of cost also.
On Google Play Books you can buy different ranges from fiction, nonfiction, comics to biography or any other genre you may think of. Besides there are also textbooks, guides, educational books, and other literature related to education.
However, Google Play Books is not just an ebook platform; some of others are Amazon kindle or Barnes.

MyScript Calculator 2

MyScript Calculator 2 is a really fun app in our list. This app is especially designed for both kids and adults studying in grade school, high school, and even part way into college for teaching math.
On this wonderful app, You can not only write out problems with fingers but you can also use a stylus in it.
Then this app starts to work for you by converting your writing and solving the problem for you.
Once again we say this app is the most enjoyable calculator that I have ever seen.
You can use this app for a number of operations including basic trigonometry, basic algebra, basic arithmetic and some more things like fractions and divisions.

Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google is an excellent free educational app. It gives information by analysing photos of various things.
For example you click a picture of a history question and it tells you about that.
It covers dozens of subjects. Everybody can use this but it’s specially designed for high school kids or younger.
Google republished it on their name after buying it.


It is definitely the best flashcards app out there. You can create your own flashcards related to any topic you may think of. And learn new things with the help of them.
For example you can create flashcards for memorizing vocabulary or formulas etc.
This app includes many languages support, images and audio. You can also share flashcards with your friends. There are some limitations which you can remove with the pro version.

Wolfram Alpha

WolframAlpha is specially designed for students and college students but anyone can benefit from it.
It is more similar to Socratic, but WolframAlpha has a slightly stronger steeper learning curve.
This app helps you with many different subjects and categories for example math problems, history, geography, etc.
Some have to suffer from connection issues otherwise it is an excellent app.


SoloLearn works as a developer on Google Play with tons of educational apps.
SoloLearn is popular for computer programming. Thus their apps provide classes for computer language for example Java, Python, C++, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and Swift.
You should definitely try this app if you are in computer programming at all.
All of the above apps have stear user reviews and are completely free.


To conclude this article, we recommend and detailed discuss about 10 wonderful educational app named (EdX, Udemy, Khan Academy, YouTube, Google Play Books, MyScript Calculator 2, Socratic by Google, Quizlet, WolframAlpha, SoloLearn) which will help you learn many new things or skills. Some of them are paid and some of them are free of cost.

Simply search them on Google Play Store App and Click to Install and enjoy using them and learning from them. best Educational Apps for Android!


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